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September 5, 2023: New Bible and Sermon Series

There are multiple ways to track the rhythm of a year. The primary calendar of our culture is the Gregorian calendar year which we often hand in our homes and offices. In the Church we follow the calendar of the Church which begins on the first Sunday of Advent and concludes on Christ the King Sunday. Within that calendar we mark a day with a particular colour: green for ordinary days, white foe feasts, purple for days of penitential seasons, and red for Pentecost, confirmations, and ordinations.

But, though we have been an urban culture for the past century, we actually are most strongly organized around the agricultural year. Primarily because of school calendars and vacation times, that year begins in September and ends with the close of summer. Some churches suspend many activities during the summer months. While we do not, I still plan my sermon plan for the year in August. And September is a time for fresh activity in the church.

We have three new series beginning this week. First, on Wednesday evening we have our 5:30 PM midweek dinner followed by our 6 PM study and 7 PM Eucharist. On Wednesday, September 6, we begin a new study on the Exodus. We invite you to join us every Wednesday.

Second, we are beginning a new adult Sunday School series on Sunday, September 10. The study will explore our Eucharist service, its components and history. Why does the service look like it does? What does it mean?

And finally, our new sermon series also begins on September 10. This series in entitled: The Great I Am. This series will focus on the seven “I Am” statements in the Gospel of John.

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